Industry as well as product expertise are an important part of a Product Manager’s skill set. Luckily domain expertise can be gained much faster than the general skillset of a product manager. I would even argue that an experienced product manager with no domain expertise would outperform domain experts with poor product management skills. Sometimes it’s even beneficial to bring in some outside perspective or fresh views, especially when aiming to innovate in new markets and create new business models. Furthermore there are always opportunities to learn and apply best practices from other leading companies and industries.

My offer

I worked in various positions in different kinds of tech companies in B2C and B2B . My product and technology expertise spans from various types of consumer devices such as TVs, mobile phones, digital cameras over to professional B2B display technologies, embedded computing, IoT, collaborative technologies and digital signage hardware and software. Thanks to my broad background I am quick to learn about new technologies as well as new vertical markets and industries.

If you’re interested, just ping me!

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