Leadership in Product Management doesn’t come with organizational role power. More often Product Managers are faced with the challenge to lead and inspire with subject matter expertise, empathy and strong communication skills. They have to develop strong and resilient relationships inside and outside the organization. These are skills which are often not taught at universities and they are hard to convey for people who have not walked in the boots of a product manager themselves.

My offer

I have experienced all the misery of being torn between expectations and organizational reality. As a neutral outside observer with lots of on-the-job experience I help you to assess the current state of your product organization and support teams as well as individuals to evolve into an inspiring leadership role  that will shape  your company’s future success.

Along the way I will help individuals to explore the different aspects of Product Management as a central interface to many parts of the organization and develop the right mindset to become an inspiring leader and evangelist of your business.

If you’re interested, just ping me!

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