During the  last decade a lot of methods have become part of the toolbox of modern product management.
However, being up-to-date with new methodologies and more importantly applying them in your organization can be challenging, especially when you have to handle your business.

My Agile and Lean journey started long before I learned about concepts like Design thinking, Lean Startup, Kanban or Scrum. Out of pure necessity I had to develop tactics to cope with rising complexity, volatility and shortening product cycles.
Only later I discovered that many agile and lean methodologies already provided the answers, tools and processes that I was lacking earlier in my career. 

My offer

As a certified agile coach and seasoned product manager I can shorten the lengthy discovery process for your team.
I can help you to apply lean and agile methodologies to your specific business context and to grow an agile mindset.
Applicable areas range from early stage product vision, strategy and discovery over implementation and development to product launch and product life cycle management.
I provide  workshops, mentoring and coaching to help you and your team grow.

If you’re interested, just ping me!

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