Coming up with new ideas usually is not a problem in most organizations. Today, especially the non-digital product space is still largely focused towards increasing efficiency and output.

Modern product management however emphasizes the importance of choosing the right thing first through validated experimentation, with customer value front and center. This lays the foundation of successful new product initiatives.

Especially less experienced product managers often fall into the trap of assuming they know what the customer really wants, but day-to-day firefighting, a rising complexity and a multitude of different responsibilities and initiatives often don’t leave room for product teams to diligently explore and think out of the box.

My offer

I provide resources, space as well as frameworks to develop a compelling product vision and strategy. During the product discovery phase I will support your team to thoroughly understand the customer’s problems and come up with new ways of solving and responding to them.

The results are a clear product vision and strategy, a high level portfolio and a product roadmap as well as a specific backlog of user stories that are the basis of a first minimum viable product. Provided with these assets your team is able to implement first things first and make the right decisions from the start, rather than tweaking  efficiency and output.

If you’re interested, just ping me!

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