“I am swamped with work” is a common answer if you ask your Product Manager on how things are going. The Product Focus 2021 edition of the „Product Management Industry Survey“ reported that product managers spend a shocking 52% of their time with „unplanned ‘firefighting’ activities“.

I’ve been there too and I have been there too many times. The root cause for this is that many Product Managers often play a central and crucial role in their organization. Rising complexity, volatility and uncertainty inside and outside the organization require high resilience and ruthless prioritization.

My offer

Making time for strategy and value creation while balancing a multitude of responsibilities is an essential skill for Product Managers. I can help your product teams to get back in control of their work days and move from a passive and reactive firefighting mode into actively shaping your business. Clear structures, a focused prioritization and simple, reproducible processes are the foundation. In addition there are a variety of basic tools which are essential to modern Product Management. I will implement those tools together with your team.

If you’re interested, just ping me!

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